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No matter if it’s branding or remembering a special day, we are here to capture & tell your story with finesse.




Text Promotional Video: Need something simple, fast, and to the point? Then this type of video is just for you. Promote your business with dramatic text options and still pictures. Starting at $100


“All About You” Promotional Video: Do you speak well behind the camera? Let us record video as well as clear audio with you telling your target audience more about the services you offer. (Includes mic set up+lighting if needed+video) Additional add ons: stock footage added to video for enhancement 

Starting at $250


Branding Video: This option is for business professionals who want to stand out! Add video to your business photoshoot & make it a complete branding experience. Brand your business the smart way and definitely impress! Can include recap of photo session and/or audio of you talking about your business. The sky is the limit! Starting at $150


Sizzle Reel Video: Let us capture you at your events, shows, or performances. Then let us create a sizzle reel for you highlighting who you are and let others see you engaging with your target audience. Need testimonials recorded in HD at your events of your supporters? Then this sizzle reel is perfect for you. Perfect for summing up who you are in one video. Now starting off at $599


Weddings: The perfect wedding video will be your most treasured keepsake! You’ll reflect on this special day in years to come and hear each other say your wedding vows years later.


 Includes full ceremony recorded in HD + highlight video. Multiple angles in order to capture several expressions & moments that are breath taking. 


4 hour wedding starting at $1580

8 hour wedding starting at $3160



Funerals: We all  should be remembered. The legacy we established should live on. Enjoy a ceremony that is captured in HD with multiple camera angles that will bring pride & to some closure. Great for family & friends who are unable to attend the ceremony.


Events: What’s an event without a video to tell the story? Enjoy the details of your event with this option. Receive a recap video of what transpired. Great for celebrations, birthdays, or large events that need to be promoted the following year. Starting @  $150 *Discounted with purchase of photography


Music Videos: Are you an artist that needs a video for your song. Separate yourself with a high quality video that stands out. Get new YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook followers from visuals that drive traffic. Starting off at $395

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