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Ever wanted to play piano without the hassle of reading sheet music? Well you can learn to play piano by ear “hands-on” at JMusic Productions Studio in a group setting. Are you a beginner? No worries. Join our 12-week Foundations 101 class today where you will learn theory and all the secrets that great musicians don’t want you to know. This course will help you decrease your time spent learning a song in the near future. Foundations 101 is for students who are serious & are interested in playing at a church, in a band, or for those who want to be a songwriter.


In our Foundations 101 course you will learn…


-Note Names

-Whole Steps & Half Steps

-Major/Minor Scales

-Number System


-Types of Chords


-Circle of 5ths



-Strengthening Exercises





Then move on to our Foundations 102 class

A certificate will be given upon  completion


Why piano lessons at JMusic?

Learn in a warm environment where it feels like you’re at home with an instructor that will not just show you what to do but how to do it. Many students have tried learning on YouTube or sites like “Take Lessons” but the dots just didn’t connect. Time and money was wasted. I know because I’ve been there before. I also struggled trying to learn on my own and  progress definitely took longer. I learned bad habits from trying to learn on my own that were so hard to break later. Learn from an instructor that will teach you how to avoid some of the same mistakes she made. Many piano students advance and begin to create their own songs. JMusic Productions Studio was founded on music production and can guide you in music production and audio engineering if you choose to mix your own songs! The sky is the limit & there are multiple possibilities  at JMusic. 



Why Group Piano Lessons?

I recently surveyed a group of people and the #1 reason why they quit receiving piano lessons was due to feeling intimidated by their instructor and feeling ALONE. At JMusic you will have other peers to help you stay the course & stay motivated. We are all in it TOGETHER! Group piano lessons are also cheaper than private lessons, so it’s a great way to learn piano especially if you’re on a budget. If not, private lessons are an option as well.



Group Piano Lessons start off at age 10. We provide kid classes and adult classes.

You’re never too old to learn piano.


Class Size

Max group of 4



Group Lessons:$25/lesson/40 min

Private Lessons $35/lesson/30 min

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