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About Us

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JMUSIC PRODUCTIONS STUDIO  is the brain-child of Shon Brown, passionate creative and entrepreneur. Brown serves as founder & CEO of JMUSIC PRODUCTIONS STUDIO & has been a great asset in providing quality music & media production for numerous consumers.

JMusic Productions Studio originally was solely a business that catered to music production & audio engineering only. Years later it expanded by adding media to the services offered with its unique photography style capturing the eyes of many people.  JMusic Photography quickly became known for clear, quality images where clients STAND OUT because of

JMusic’s amazing lighting & editing technique. JMusic Productions Studio has definitely evolved into a one stop shop for many where a range of quality products can be purchased.

The business is broken up into three sections: JMusic Productions, JMusic Photography, and JMusic Videography which make up JMusic Productions Studio. It was Brown’s desire to brand each section and include the original  “JMusic” name with the desire of giving all clients “The JMusic Experience.”

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Expert Team
Your project will be managed by
experts that take pride in their work & value the work of others. We also partner with some of the greatest producers, instructors, editors, & creatives to produce a  masterpiece that our client will treasure forever.

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Quality Assurance
Our commitment to quality is a promise. We’ve invested in quality gear & people that will get the job done correctly every single time. Our business has thrived from having quality that STANDOUT.

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We’ve all been stood up right? It doesn’t feel good does it? We are are committed to showing up & being timely with all of our clients. Rest well at night knowing that we will not forget about your event, project, or return of delivery.


JMusic Productions Studio specializes in helping people STANDOUT  with the products that we deliver. In today’s world you have to cut through the noise and separation is the KEY. Get noticed with our high quality products.

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Shon Brown
Founder | Owner 
About Me

Shon Brown has been a registered health professional for nearly 15 years. She graduated from Lamar University in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in nursing. Shon has a passion for heart and lung patients and she helps them with their road to recovery. She also educates and gives back on her show called, "The Shon Brown Show.” Guests on her show have shared stories about breast cancer, miraculous healings, overcoming childhood trauma, life while living in a wheelchair, and much more. 


In 2009, Shon Brown knew that there was more to her than just nursing and decided to create J Music Productions Studio not realizing how much the business would expand. With time and dedication, J Music Production Studio now offers Recording, Music Production, Piano Lessons, Videography, Photography, and much more. If you’ve had the pleasure of working with J Music then you know that excellence is definitely the cornerstone. She truly believes that “no man can do anything great alone” and puts a lot of energy into building a solid team that has the same morals & character. 


Shon Brown has been married to her husband James for 13 years and has two beautiful children, J3 & Faith. Her husband has been apart of this amazing growth of J Music from the start. Shon counts it all joy to be partners in marriage & business.

Timothy Alexander White
Photographer | Videographer | Graphic Designer | Voice Actor 
About Me

Timothy Alexander White is a former radio announcer with over 30 years of experience.

With that experience , it lead him to dwell into the voiceover industry which has been an exciting addition

to his list of creative skills.

His voiceover work has included commercials for General Motors, McDonald’s, Got Milk, California Phones,

Video Games and some corporate training videos (Kaiser Permanente Hospital, California Judicial Council)

and also some voiceover narrative projects. His photography skills were noticed over 40 years ago and have grown tremendously over the years. He has a keen and creative eye for details that enhance the natural beauty of an image or scene. From Weddings, to fashions, food, nature, people and events his ability to capture the moment is exceptional. He’s photographed former President of the United States Bill Clinton, and also was able to capture shots of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and other celebrities. Now combine his graphic design skills with that of photography, then you’ll be able to see images that can speak to your emotional senses. He discovered at a very early age that he had the ability to ‘draw’ pictures that were pretty good. Fast forward

years later the desire to create resurfaced and graphic design became another area of interest for Tim.

With that in mind he has designed logos, book covers, cd covers, menus, documents, backstage passes, and a host of other items. He is also a videographer with several years of experience in that arena. I think he has an ever-growing passion for the moving pictures discipline. His style of videography can be documentary,

commercial, sports-reel, promotional videos and let’s not forget Weddings of course. He’s a multi-talented, multi-skilled, creative who is insightful and always does his best. There is another facet to his creative-ness which is his experience as a master of ceremonies. From his radio jobs it was only natural for him to take to the public stage for concerts, dinners, speaking engagements, wedding receptions host, some television commercials

with speaking parts, minister and preacher, and of course announcer and emcee for cruises.

Toya Black
Retoucher | Photographer | Graphic Designer
About Me

Creativity has always been the driving force of my art. I started expressing words on paper in my adolescence that through creative expression would lead me into poetry. I’ve been writing poetry for 19 years followed by rapping for almost 7 years.  Though writing is my first love I’ve always had an eye for humanity. I love to capture a subject and mold them into the best part of themselves. The saying says that “A picture is worth a thousand words…” But my goal is to leave the client speechless. I’ve watched the confidence rise in clients after retouching their portraits. That has been such a humbling experience. The tears of joy, radiant smiles, hugs and thank you’s, for that I am grateful. It is why I continue to do what I do.

Danilo Gotanggogan II
Registered Nurse | Photographer
About Me

I joined the medical profession in 2008. I have been to South East Asia and Middle East Countries practicing and honing my skill set as a nurse. I came across photography when I was working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I gravitate my focus on their culture, old structures, and grand mosques. That was when I fell in love with pictures depicting a thousand words.


My photography foundation was self-learned by reading books and magazines. Later, I met Shon Brown owner of JMusic Productions Studio where I began to improve and broaden my skills in photography. My goal is to achieve as one of the best visual creators with a strong connection to human emotion.

  • Education:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing – San Pedro College, Philippines

James Brown, Jr.
Sessions Drummer | Photographer | Videographer
About Me

James Brown, Jr., also branded as James Brown “The drummer” has been in the banking industry for 12 years. He graduated from Lamar University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication. James educates the community on financial literacy and home ownership through his role as a community home lending advisor. Outside of the corporate world James’s passion is music. He is a deep pocket, vibe creating drummer and has been in the music industry for over 30 years.


In 2017, James love for music and the desire to be more than just a musician drove him to do something special. He started venturing off into videography and photography so that he could capture pictures of models for his clothing line Musical Living Apparel. The brands’  most popular shirt is “Music Saved My Life” and it has been worn and supported by some of your favorite artists and musicians world wide.


James Brown has been apart of JMusic since it was first birthed in one of the guest rooms of his father-n-law house. James has been married to his beautiful wife for 13 years. They have 2 beautiful children J3 and Faith. James is enjoying this amazing  journey with his wife and is looking forward to even greater things at JMusic.

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